photo by Edgar Libório

photo by Edgar Libório


I remember writing short stories on my dad’s old Mac SE 30. He would then print a few copies at the office so I could distribute them to my class. This was in elementary school. I mostly ripped off everything that I read or watched. I remember having a hero that was suspiciously similar to Indiana Jones, except his name came from a book cover standing on the shelf behind the computer.

I grew up on a healthy diet of fantasy novels, video games, and daydreaming. After graduating in business, I spent a few years cranking out headlines, scripts, and silly ideas in an advertising agency in Lisbon. Having written about pretty much everything, from laxative pills to car insurance, I decided it was time to start writing about what I truly enjoy. So I’ve taken the plunge and I’m now self-publishing my works of fiction.

I also eat a lot of crepes.  

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